5 Benefits of Chin Augmentation for Men

August 21st, 2020 | Posted in: Chin Implant |

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The rise of men seeking plastic surgery to enhance their jawline is ever-increasing. Chin augmentations can balance the proportions of the face, add strength to the jawline’s definition, and improve a man’s confidence. For some men, less-invasive procedures may seem more appealing, with injectable products such as RADIESSE® or other filler combinations being popular; however, the majority of men benefit most from a surgical option. Chin augmentation is commonly performed with chin implants or fat grafting.

Man with Lines On Chin Before Chin Surgery Operation.

No matter the technique used, it is now more possible than ever to fill out a man’s jaw and achieve desirable angles that visually separate the jaw from the neck. Here are five benefits of chin augmentation that should appeal to men. 

1. Superhero Definition

Have you ever watched a superhero film and wondered what makes all their faces so similar? Take a closer look, and you’ll come to find that every actor that has dawned the role of Batman or Captain America has a chin that looks granite-like or stone-like in its appearance. This might come from lucky genetics; however, with modern advancements in chin implants and less invasive dermal filler or fat grafting options, there’s no reason why the everyday-man can’t have a chin that was once only reserved for the “strongest”-looking men. 

2. Trusted Accessory to Other Procedures

One reason chin augmentations are becoming popular amongst men is their ability to combine well with other cosmetic procedures. For example, if a man decides to get a facelift or a neck lift, he may choose to combine chin augmentation to bring everything together in an appealing and balanced package. 

3. Become a Standout in the Dating Scene

Many experts say that men with strong chins and jawlines have an advantage among some test groups when dating. With non-surgical chin augmentation options available, men can fine-tune their features without waiting for incisions to heal or swelling to subside. The main advantage of dermal fillers as a method for chin augmentation is a short recovery with little to no downtime. This can be a perfect fit for a man looking for a quick fix before an anticipated date. 

4. Hard-to-Find Incisions, Easy-to-Spot Transformations

Chin augmentations offer some of the most hidden incision techniques in plastic surgery. With chin implants inserted through a tiny incision under the chin or even inside the lip, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that can tell you’ve gotten work done. This can be especially useful for men who still may have stigmas regarding cosmetic help. In this way, your transformation is more enjoyable because of the added sense of privacy. All people will notice is how handsome and attractive your facial appearance appears. 

5. Strong Chin, Strong Confidence

As much as we’d like to have self-confidence emanate from within, there’s nothing wrong with finding happiness and satisfaction with your outer appearance. 

At the end of the day, men want to look good when it comes to the quality of their skin, physique, and face. With chin augmentation, men can experience a new level of style, fashionability, and self-empowerment that may not have been known or available a few decades ago. 

Ready to Learn More About Chin Augmentation for Men?

Chin augmentation for men not only offers more defined and youthful faces but restored confidence in one’s self-image. To see if you are the right candidate for chin augmentation, contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., at (310) 736-6810 to schedule a consultation.  

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