Here’s What Your Plastic Surgery Appointment Might Look Like During the Pandemic

Over the last five months, plastic surgery clinics have reportedly seen a rise in interest for already-popular cosmetic procedures like facial contouring, butt enhancements, botox, and body contouring. Even though most of the country has reopened, many people are still choosing to stay socially distanced as COVID-19 continues to spread, which is why — considering the lack of social interaction and the subsequent amount of time they’ll be able to spend at home recovering — this may seem like the perfect time for those interested to consider finally going under the knife.

But what’s it like to visit a plastic surgeon’s office in the middle of a pandemic? In the same way that there’s been a slight change in the way we pay our doctors and dentists a visit, you can expect for there to be slightly more precautions in place ahead of any cosmetic procedure.

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Published at Sat, 22 Aug 2020 02:27:10 +0000