Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me? Who Is the Ideal Mommy Makeover Candidate?

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Giving birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl brings great joy. Unfortunately, it also brings some unprecedented changes to the mother’s body. For instance, a mother may miss the figure she had before pregnancy and nursing. 

Multi-angle image of a woman's body with plastic surgery lines drawn on it, includes the breasts, abdomen, and butt.

Usually, a woman tends to develop excess abdominal skin, deflated breasts, and unwelcomed fat deposits. These can be difficult to remove naturally. 

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover phrase refers to a combination of breast and body plastic surgery procedures tailored to the mother’s specific cosmetic needs following pregnancy and nursing. 

Still, it is up to the patient to decide which combination of techniques she’d want to have.

According to a surveillance report by the American Plastic Surgeons Association (APSP), there were a total of 18.1 million cosmetic procedures done in 2019. Among these, breast augmentation and liposuction were the most conducted plastic surgeries. Another APSP report posted on USA Today showed that 62 percent of mothers would consider having a makeover if they could afford it. 

That is just a small indication of the rising popularity of the Mommy Makeover.

How Can I Become a Perfect Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The best way to determine whether you are the right candidate for a Mommy Makeover is to consult a board-certified, seasoned, and professional plastic surgeon. They can conduct a medical examination, evaluating your medical history and personal goals to determine whether the makeover will be safe and meet your personal goals.

Generally, a woman who wishes to undergo a Mommy Makeover must meet several requirements.

  • She must be in excellent health
  • She does not have any intentions of becoming pregnant in the future (especially in the near future)
  • She is approaching her ideal body weight
  • She has realistic personal goals and expectations
  • She is not a heavy smoker or drinker

Which Surgical Techniques Are Included in A Mommy Makeover?

No two pregnancies are the same, and the after-effects vary from one mother to the other. Therefore, your plastic surgeon will customize your makeover, utilizing only the procedures needed to provide the desired cosmetic outcomes. 

Some of these procedures include:

What Happens After a Mommy Makeover and During Recovery?

After a Mommy Makeover, your plastic surgeon will use gauze and bandages to cover the incisions. If you had a breast lift/augmentation, Dr. Chiu would apply a flexible bra to provide support while minimizing breast swelling. Moreover, Dr. Chiu will use a compression strap to wrap your abdominal area, waist, and buttocks. 

It is essential to know that the first three to five days following a makeover are mildly painful, and it is recommended to have someone around 24/7 to look after your children (if they are still young) and help you with all daily obligations.

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